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Jenkintown Ward 1 Voting info

Ward 1 has a new poll location – Jenkintown Library.

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Here’s why, from County Commissioner Lawrence, you should vote by mail.

Further, along with my governing partner, Val Arkoosh, I have asked Governor Wolf to conduct the June 2nd primary election entirely by mail.

Read more about our efforts from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

This will allow us to ensure the safety of all voters and election workers, avoiding the scenes we saw in Wisconsin just last week where voters were required to stand in line and gather in large groups which is exactly what we are asking people not to do for their safety.

We can’t let that happen here – the risk is just too great.

We are beginning to see signs of a flattening curve here in Montgomery County – which means that staying home and social distancing are working.

We have to keep it up. But, democracy can’t stop. Voting by mail allows us all to exercise our right to vote, while maintaining our safety and the safety of our friends, family, neighbors and community members.

Request Ballot Here

Questions? Contact me at if you have questions about this coming election, want to learn more about the election process or need help communicating with elected officials.

Ward 1 poll is at Jenkintown Library



Jenkintown Ward 1 Voting info